by Amos Shacham

Representing the highly creative and modern approach to clothing and fashion in Israel today,  HOLYLAND CIVILIANS were invited to contribute to the ongoing exhibition 'Fashion Statements - Decoding Israeli Dress' at the Israel Museum Jerusalem.

As a melting point between culture, design, and art, fashion has always been a mirror of society. Showcasing the rich variety of local fashion through a display of clothing, sketches, films and fashion photography this exhibition sums up about 100 years of exploration. Revealing the history of traditional robes and patterns we also get a chance to trace national and political moments of the country.

In contrast to the urban wear retaining the style of couture and tailoring, stands an installation of local workwear evolution. Here, alongside young designers such as ATA, Maya Bash, Roni Bar, Tali Kushnir, and Muslin Brothers,  HOLYLAND CIVILIANS contributed with several items from their limited 'Working Class Hero' collection which was created in collaboration with the iconic Israeli brand ATA.

With a classic cut, the aesthetic of utility and an unmistakable message, the human resource exposes his service to capitalism and it's urban street life. Still containing hints of the typified socialist laborer but exposing those with modern prints and embroideries, the 'Working Class Hero' collection is targeting a contemporary and creative generation.

Despite all austerity, the working class hero jacket, each one with a unique screen print on the back and a patch on the elbow of each sleeve, is a light stonewashed jacket, roughed at the waist with a cotton cord. The civilian pants have a loose fit, are also fastened with a cotton cord and carry contrast box logo patches, 'HOLY' - 'WORK' on the inner raw hem that is folded out.


Well, and this jacket is quite naming it. The Doboon, a cropped parka with two thick welt pockets, a cotton cord at the waist and a screen print on the back, fits almost too good into the picture of HOME. Also reminding us of the many uniforms around, with two large cargo pockets on the side, a cord fastening and that very shade of olive, the Sister Skirt is based on classic military gear.

The exhibition is running in the Israeli Museum Jerusalem till April 2019