HOLYLAND is the child of passion and hope, yearning to create a new cult of Israeli streetwear.

HOLYLAND will be our shining star leading the way…

In a society obsessed with speed and change HOLYLAND will be your peace.

Our garments are the bridge between day and night, between dreams and wakefulness, between prayer and love.

While everyone works for their bread and butter, HOLYLAND serves you milk and honey.

HOLYLAND is a sweet, naive child and also a rough Easy Rider.

HOLYLAND has no age, no borders. It is everywhere and anywhere.

We do not hide, we do not fear, we come together.




We, Anat Meshulam and Dor Chen, together with our two young sons and baby girl,and our little dog Holy, live and work from our home in Jaffa, one of Israel’s most culturally diverse regions. While the muezzins’ voices curl in from the window,we design our dreams.

After obtaining our BA in Fashion Design from Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, we worked abroad for international brands for a few years, experiencing and learning the industry. 

During this journey, we’ve come to realize that in order to do something meaningful for ourselves, we needed to go back to our homeland- to Israel, and to design with the materials and culture from which this land was built. It was important for us to create from within our identity and our roots. The roots of the Holyland.

We are inspired by all the different religions and cultures of this land, driven by the ancient energy of this place and its people - by their stories and myths, translating and mixing them to create our garments.


On March 2017, the voice of the poet Allan Ginsberg pierced the hall, while models marched down the runway.

As winners of the Art & Culture Foundation prize in the Fashion Design category, Holyland Civilians debuted its collection during Tel Aviv’s 2017 Fashion Week, marking the inception of the label. 

Click to watch the runway


HOLYLAND CIVILIANS offers seasonal collections which reflect its unique urban vibe and holy surroundings – workwear is infused with resort-wear; Religious symbols of all beliefs are combined with youth culture styles and unique landscapes are translated into fashionable statements.

The result is strong, fashionable, but always wearable garments. The design approach reflects a local inspiration. The attitude is international and suitable for people living in this multicultural world. The brand’s message is the dissemination of the idea of inclusivity & love in all forms, for all people, as we are all equally holy.

All of the garments at Holyland are produced at the highest quality standards, with the utmost attention to detail – from stitching, prints, and washes, through to labeling and packaging. Our garments are manufactured in Israel, turkey, and china.