The Work of the Land

Summer 2014, drop n. 2

Ripe first-fruits, shades of early tan, and sensual Mediterranean warm winds set the tone for the second drop of Holyland Civilians for Summer 2024. A collection that mixes roaring attitudes and a festive resort spirit.

The design is rooted in the land and nature, where everything is born. Faithful to the concept "easy to spot, easy to wear,” the garments are presented in neutral colors and decorated with animalic tiger prints, an icon of Holyland Civilians. The silhouette is relaxed, refined, and elongated, including a maxi slip-dress or a unisex set of light Middle Eastern saroual trousers and a shirt inspired by the 1950s workwear of the early years of the country.  

Entangled with Earth and produced in small quantities, the collection is made of sustainable soft and breathable rayon fabric with SEDEX certification, promising ethical production in both ecological and social aspects.